Madrid Two Day Weekend Itinerary


This post is inspired by all of my die-hard fans out there (haha, I’m kidding).  But really, it is inspired by all of the people that have reached out to me to recommend things for them to see, eat, do, and places to visit while either they, or a friend, are in Madrid.  I always […]

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Luis in the USA, Part V (New York City)


Ah, New York- the part we had all been waiting for!  Ask any Spaniard where they want to go in the US, and they will undoubtabely say “New York”…and then you will roll your eyes because there are so many great places in the US, but I guess NYC is cool too 😉 We were […]

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Luis in the USA, Part I (Philadelphia)


I am not really sure where to begin with these posts because there is so much to say!  Luis coming to visit the US was something we had been talking about for awhile, and once I finally bought my own ticket to go home for a bit, we were able to get it together for him […]

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4 Days in Mallorca


Spain has so many amazing qualities, but one of it’s best are the abundance of beaches.  I have been so incredibly lucky and have been able to visit a bunch of them and after some thorough research, I can honestly say that Mallorca is my favorite. Mallorca. These photos aren’t even edited. Mallorca is one […]

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