The December Puente


Hello and Happy Tuesday!     I have the day off today due to students having exams, so I have some time to catch up on here!  It’s been quite awhile, hasn’t it?   Spain has lots of these random holidays throughout the year where schools, banks, government things are closed. Usually it’s for religious […]

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Life moves so quickly. Time flies, there’s never enough time in the day. You’re always tired, there is always more to accomplish. AHHHFBFDBBSFBSDBHHB. Like that. But there are also so many good, sweet moment. I want to look back and remember them, so here they are. Had to share this salad.  I mean, LOOK at […]

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Checking In VI


Making: this cous-cous salad.  It’s so light for summer, but hefty enough to fill you up. Cooking:  not much, but I have been making corn bread for the last week.  Yogurt-corn bread to be exact.  It’s so easy and so light! Drinking: iced tea.  I make a couple cups of strongly spiced hot tea and then add more […]

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Shannon and Teresa


You have no idea how happy the last 24 hours have made me!  Two of my very best friends flew across the ocean to come see ME (and ok, maybe to see Europe, too).  Either way, I am so, so, so happy to have Shannon and Teresa here!  They arrived early yesterday morning and we […]

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Checking In.

I know┬ámany of you are fans of my Lately posts,┬áespecially┬ámy mom, who often complains when she hasn┬┤t seen my latest breakfasts even though I tell her it┬┤s always the same thing, she still asks to see photos. Fine. Here is a little survey of sorts that I took from another blog. ┬áNot to replace my […]

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Summer Lately.

Happy First Third Day of SUMMER!!!! It doesn┬┤t really matter how old I get, summer time is still as special and exciting as it always has been, and I still feel giddy thinking about long days at the pool and beach, lots of ice cream and beer, and just general time to have fun. ┬áSummer […]

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