5 Things I Miss About Home During the Fall


I actually just changed that title from 5 Reasons Why Madrid S*&?!s During the Fall, so that’s the alternate title 😉 Spain is great for so many reasons, one of them being the weather.  Dry summers with hardly any clouds ever, low rainfall, not super cold in the winter.  It’s a decent situation, but one […]

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Year 3, Week 1 in Photos.


I’ve officially been back in Madrid for a week now, and despite some back-and-forth feelings, I’m definitely happy to be back.  There are some things I wish I could write about, but due to the nature of certain people reading my blog, I cannot write about everything I want to. Instead, I’ll share some photos […]

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Checking In VII


^two of the loves of my life.   Making: iced coffee and a lot of it.  I make a large batch of espresso and leave it in the fridge overnight, then for 2-3 days I have enough.  Small glass, 2 ice cubes, 1/2 glass milk, 1/2 glass espresso.  Give it a stir or wait 5 minutes […]

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